Sunday, 26 April 2009

my fave scene (taken from monster in law movie)

(kevin is about to ask charlie to go out (date) but charlie's like hesitate to him cause they're just met about 3 times in a day!)
charlie : give me one good reason
kevin : cause im different
c : what colour of my eyes? (turn around)
k : (giggle) well at first glance, your eyes are brown.but when the light hits them they cange to amber. and if you look really closely around the iris the color is pure honey. but when you look into the sun, they almost look greean. that's my fave.

godamn! can you imagine how sweet it is???? according to me, its so sweet. fyi, im not kinda sweet person and bit ignorant. i really amazed when Kevin knows the detail, and could tell it well and show how he likes her. wish someone could do same thing like Kevin did. but i think no one does. haha.

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