Sunday, 7 July 2013

hormones oh hormones..

at first i can be happiest girl on earth, on the next second who knows? i can cry like a baby.

Monday, 1 July 2013

the good thing about being stuck in reverse is, it couldnt be any worse. so keep trying.

people like Henry Cavill, Shena Malsiana, Thomas Alfa Edison, JK Rowling..(i can name you a thousand but i can only remember them right now hehe)
they got similarities. 

they dont easily give up. they dont give up on first trial. they got rejected, one, twice, 3 times, even many times.
they failed. but they keep on trying. they fail, they try again, they fail better, until they succeed. 

oh whats the meaning of my words. who am i to tell you keep on trying. 
im still nothing. you dont know me. you dont know my work. you dont know me.
i cant even promise you anything. i cant tell you how many times you should try to be succeed. 
because i dont even know how many times i have to try in order to get what i want.

but you know them. they are the living proofs that you are not supposed to give up, on everything you want. everything you dream of. anything you wanted to be.
if you feel worthless, useless, hopeless, dont remember my words (bcs i can not prove you anything, yet!). remember them, who already make it in life.

that there is nothing wrong in giving it one more shot. you got nothing to lose. so lets give it one more shot.