Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I've tested this.
so which way do you see this spinning girl? to the right (clockwise) or not.

if you see it, clockwise, it means your right brain is working ( creativity, art, etc.)
and if its not clockwise, you're using your left brain at most (logic ,math, and so on)

me? i saw it clockwise.
then i try to change the way to the left in about 10 minutes. it works.
if its not, means your brain are stuck.

which way do you see?

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

i am not emobut these make me sounds so emo.

i thought you were mature enough, but i think ages doesn't matter.
ok. so now, apparently, i lost my faith on people and seems like, so do they.

so what i have to do now? working on to get my trust back?
what for? if they are not trust me like they used to, it just means they never trust on me before.
and it means they don't know me even a single part of me.
they faked on it. with their ha-ha face.

no prob, people wear their own masks.
so here i am with my so-damn-tough-big-girl mask.

i wont cry, crying isn't for me. (but i cant help it when night comes and when i am alone)
but i just don't know how to make a curves on my face -especially my lips- cause it seems SO BIG DEAL for some people to my isn't-built-for-smile fucking face.

meanwhile, i have a lot of pressures.
but i am not under, though.
it just makes me so damn damn goddammit better.

i was like put just-stay-away-from-me-and-dont-messed-around-with-me or you're-so fucked-up-so-stay-away-idiots face on my everyday, so sorry all. i didn't mean it, seriously. I'm free when you all wanna share a little time with me.

basically, i only need appreciation as a human being and ...
actually, i don't even know what i need know.
when all you need is seems so far away and they just walk away , too busy with their own business

geez thx for making me look so miserable. and really miserable.
i only wanna live peacefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe i am bit hesitate something called heaven before but if heaven is really exist and if its really like everyone' imagines, i would rather be there now. and maybe come back later when everyone got their brain.

so, just wish me could survive and not being in more radical self destruction way. hmm
and wish me. still could being sober enough.

Monday, 28 September 2009


but i just don't know it could be this hard and i wonder what's coming next to me ?

Friday, 25 September 2009

just for fun.

1. I still am naughty little girl
2. I love disney's, cartoon network, nickelodeon, and something like that (is it count?)
3. I --- lose control sometimes.

1. I am 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have my own official identity card (that make me old enogh, though)
2. I am admit my mistakes and apologize for that.
3. I think a lot -- which kid dont do that, though.

1. I wear sneakers a lot.
2. sometimes, I just naturally act like boys
3. I dont have a heart hahahahahah boys do, right? :PP

1. I like wedge heels
2. I dance even not in the profeesional ways
3. I cry. hahaha

1. Marga
2. Margiiee
3. m. (3 names arent enough for me actually)

1. I understand people, I listen to them.
2. I am not easily mad, but when I am mad, you have no idea what creatur you pissed off.
3. I easily learn too. I am fast, and I love it.

1. I am easily bored, sometimes I cant handle it myself.
2. I am lazy.
3. seems like, I have many bad habits.

1. I'm not obese, even when i eat too much. and I do eat much.
2. I love my nails haha i know its silly but i do.
3. I am naturally Asian.

1. I am naturally Asian haha
2. I cant tighten my fat into some tight muscle. Its tingle and its annoying sometimes.
3. my not so damn immaculately teeth

1. Indonesian
2. Chinese
3. -- (sometimes I wish my grandmother is actually born in UK so i can get that Brtish accents naturally hahahahah)

1. injection
2. bleeding so much until its like a fountain -- lebay.
3. watching Asian horror movies alone.

1. glasses
2. cell
3. money

1. white shirt
2. blue short
3. (no) glasses

1. Renee Oldstead
2. Daft Punk
3. Frank Sinatra

1. (i never could decide question like this)

1. Fun
2. Fun
3. Fuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

1. Face
2. Good body
3. Hair

1. open my eyes while im swimming without googles.
3. ( i can do everything, man. muahaahaha. kidding)

1. Photography
2. Drawings
3. Eat-Sleep-Watching

1. you can check my wish list below.

1. London
2. Hawaii
3. Venezuela -- meh??

1. (i hate this question)

Thursday, 24 September 2009

super cool helmet

about few days ago, i found this at di Toys 'R' Us, PIM , and tried it :D

it was so hmm.. coooollll :DD
even tough i don't like transformer really much
but i think its pretty cool stuff
imagine, we wear this helmet as our daily helmet like we use when we ride a motorcycle. hahaha
think im gonna shout at people too much to show off my super coolio optimus prime helmet

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

i (L) indonesia (err, sometimes hehe)

^ mine ^

ayo jadikan #visitindonesia sbg trending topic twitter.

update : udah. yey.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Santa, this is my wish list this year.

oke, you can named me such a greedy bitch, or big big spender or watev you like, but i really need these.

  1. DSLR -- insya Tuhan kalo berkenan di hati papa mama, plg lambat tahun depan gw dah bisa megang ini barang. *optimis*
  2. Laptop -- jaman sekarang mau kuliah jauh dr rumah ga pake laptop, mau jadi apa tugas2 gw nanti. *optimis dpt gratisan klo jadi kuliah di tuuutt -sensor- *
  3. iPod -- apparently, i'll sell my disfunctional cell. so, i need some music player wherever i go. seriously men, i cant live even sleep without listening to music *optimis2 aja si, err*
  4. KIA visto -- falling in love with him gara2 vistonya om yang sempet gw "cicipi" pas bener ma gw. ahh (unnecessary i know) tp swift ga nolak! *pesimis*
  5. lensa (calon) DSLR gw.*yang penting kameranya dlu coy*
so. let us crossing fingers!! X
and say "AMEEENN" XXX
after all this time, i thought, time will heal. but i go wrong.
time just bury it. with no healing. damn.

I'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for youuu.

layout baruuuuuu (lagi)

haha, as i promised, this time with no header. rada males ngescan bla3.
dan lagi bosen ma templatenya juga. jadi saya ubah total.

tenang tenang, gw ga berubha warna kesukaan kok. masih item putih, tapi ga tau kenapa pengen berwarna aja soalnya kan ga ada header. biar manis kayak gw, hueek gitu.

biar ada warna2 dikit.
kan jadi enak toh bcanya? ya kan?hahah

hmm. semoga dengan diubahnya layout ini, dapat menambah semngat kalian dalam mengunjungi bloggie woogie saya ini.

actually, i am not satisfied with this, so i will change it soon (yes, again)

nih ada bonus untuk kalian sebagai postingan hari ini (ga ada hubungannya)

bruises by chairlift. i just cant stop singing this in my mind.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


gw cuma bingung aja.

kenapa tiap orang yang nelfon gw, selalu pas gw lagi tidur.
sehingga akan membuat mereka bertanya " lo lagi tidur, Ga?"
ato "baru bangun, Ga?"
ato " lo msih tidur dari tadi (pagi/siang/sore) ??" <- nada heran.

dan gw akan menjawab "hmm??? " berpikir sejenak mereka nannya apa, trus jawab "iya.." dengan suara berusaha untuk dinormal2in (padahal dalam benak gw, gw mau jawab ngga biar ga kliatan ngebo bgt tp yg keluar malah iya)

ato bahkan gw terbangun dengan beberapa misscalled.

gw lebih heran. kenapa kalian semua menelpon disaat gw tidur, sedang tidur, baru bangun????


jam tidur gw yang berlebihan?
disaat emang normally, orang get up gw malah hibernasi.

oke deh skg gw tidur.

10 tentang marga.

The Rules :
1. Each blogger must post these rules.
2. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

(kayaknya udah lama blog ini ga diisi sama quis2 ga jelas gini, yu marii)
  • saya kidal. sejak kecil dan tidak berniat berganti jadi kadal. weekk.
  • simple -> cuek --> malas ---> ceroboh ----> berantakan.
  • aliran foto saya adalaah journalism & fashion, dan lebih suka tone b&w dengan kesan vignette. untuk fashion saya lebih suka yang colourfull. kalo bisa outdoor.
  • saya carnivora.
  • saya ga suka bau balsem dan minyak tawon dan minyak2 badan lainnya. hueek.
  • saya agak aneh.
  • saya bingung mau nulis apa.
  • kok ga nyampe2 sepuluh ya?
  • hmm..
  • nah udah sepuluh tuh. dan itu baru se per 100000000000000000 (lebay) tentang saya.

the happines is contagious

i love his spirit.
i believe everyone has their own way to succeed.
and look at himself.
around the world to dance and put a smile(s) by his dancing.
dance dance and dance.

and he worth some applause from me.

you made me grinning, Matt. thanks. :')
*ehem ehem*

teman teman
gw cuma pengen bilang. klo lo lagi dalam masalah.
jangan lo mengutuki diri dan orang lain ataupun tuhan untuk segala kesialan dan masalah yang lo hadapi.

karena lo ga sendiri.

ga percaya?
klik disini

then you'll find so many people having troubles (or stupidity) just like you.
and the best part, you can laugh on it together. it made for fun!

at least, i hope i can put a little smile on you.

the most stupid things today :

my brother who will graduate from his elementary school next year, just stood above chair looking for a refrigerator key, pants-less (even any undies). half naked. great! shame on you, bro!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

superman turns to romeo.

i know someone.
for me, he's superman.
and i love it.

he has no super strength, super muscle with super eye.
he has not wearing some silly red-blue costume with a big S.
he cant fly.
he cant speak in many language.
he's not so damn smart and not having a to die for smile.

but he's superman.
why? because he was watching someone from a distance.always keeping an eye on her. keeping her save. always care about her and always there for her, even she doesn't know it.

but somehow, the superman turns to romeo.

seems like would do anything for his juliet.
has many lovey dovey words.
would sacrifice anything only for his juliet.


*pikiran kemana2. kok dah jam 1 aja si? hmm*

night all.

just update to make a mark that i am still here. even not alive

huaa halo halo
kok gw berasanya lama ga ngeblog ya?

emg si kayaknya. hmm

the best thing today was : raining.

huah finally coy haha
setelah mengalami berbulan2 dengan temperatur yang monyet2an (bukan anjing2an lg)
setelah menghitam 2 tingkat gara2 suhu si mbah matahari di atas.
setelah jadi gampang berkeringet gara2 udara yang sangat sangat memacu produktivitas sel2 kelenjar keringat di dalam tubuh (halah)

akhirnya sodara2 seJakarta dan se antero pamulang..

kita dapat merasakan udara dingin-dingin-gimana-gitu juga akhirnya hahhaa
jadi bawaannya tidur siang yang lamaaa dan ngulet2 di kasur yang dingin-dingin-empuk (halah klo ga ujan jg lo tetep tidur ngebo dr siang ampe malem kayak bruang mati juga, Ga!)


trus hari ini kok gw berasanya makan banyak bgt ya?
let's recount.

susu coklat
nasi kantin-yang-ga-worth-it
kue sus
nasi+kentang goreng doang
nasi goreng
risol 2
pastel 2
roti tawar doang ga pake apa2 2
es buah 1 mug
semangka dan melon entah berapa
permen jahe entah brp bungkus and i still looking for some instant noodles.

hmmm, ga banyak ah. prasaan doang hehe.
(tp entah karena tu makanan gw makan bener2 langsung 1 per 1 tanpa jeda x ya mknya brasa banyak hm)

dan akhir2 ini, ketakutan dan kecemasan akan masa depan semakin jelas nih.
masa depan gw masih belum jelas kabarnya.
gw masih belom fix mau kuliah dimana.
entah kenapa gw pengen cuti setahun trus les ini itu (sebagai ganti gw yang sekarang ga sempet les ini itu such a bass, russian, flute or whatever)

imagine, selama setaun kedepan, lo cuma perlu berangkat pergi les (I'll take 4 courses maybe)
yang pastinya dmulai dari siang2 gitu (ga perlu bangun pagi yeay) dan paling lama 3 jam lah
abis itu lo pulang. dah gitu the best thing : ga belajar hal yang lo ga suka

oke ga? oke. tapi entah kenapa orang2 ga setuju ma pilihan gw. deemm.

how does it sound?

but everything has a positive and negative sides.
and i still cant figure out how can i deal the risks.

and currently "mandek" nih. bete deh ih aww > apa seh margaaaaa
ada yang ngerasa ga sih Facebook tidak lagi semenyenangkan dan se-asYik (pake Y inget) dulu?
gw mulai bosan.

gw mulai berpikir untuk mengkaryakan diri gw nih. ada yang butuh guru privat (any lessons - anjing brasa pinter bgt gw) buat anak TK- SD, SMP boleh deh (tp jgn tengil2 :P haha) ? call me when I'm sober butuh dana cepat nih huahahahaha SERIOUSLY!

Monday, 14 September 2009

halo halo.
cuma pgn sharing aja.
kalo kamu bisa milih, kamu mau jadi polisi ato orang jahatnya?
dan kenapa?

ga perlu dijawab si,cukup dpikirin aja sendiri2 (sapa jg yg mau jawab woo haha)

kalo lo tanya gw, pasti gw bakal jawab

"apa bedanya? disaat nanti kita menodongkan senjata dan menarik pelatuk (senjata) "

kamu ngerti maksudnya?

sama2 akan membunuh.

ya kan? hmm

akibat strees ujian dan masa depan yang tak kunjung pasti.

to eat list


this is the funny pict of the day about junk food. no offense. but i think it is so cool.

to watch list

Friday, 11 September 2009

great cover that i told you. the vid had a bad quality and too dark but no problems with the sounds.
can you feel the bass? he uses 5 strings bass fyi.
my favorite sexy back's cover this far.
and ah, she has a lovely voice.

another great cover. another lovely voice.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

nekara dan teman2nya mengahancurkan nilai saya

sebelumnya saya ingin meminta maaf atas isi tulisan ini selanjutnya, karena mungkin akan ada beberapa pihak yang tersinggung dgn tulisan saya, maka dari itu, tanpa mengurangi rasa hormat saya, saya mohon maaf apabila ada perkataan yang tidak berkenan dan saya sama sekali tidak ada maksud menjelek2an.

it was amazing, how i ruined my art test today.

i have never imagine how art could be this hard (for me)
makanya semalemnya gw dah pede bgt tuh ga belajar. ga megang foto copi-an sama sekali.

dan besoknya pas liat soal2nya (terutama essay)
jeng jeng...

susah, coy!!!

bagi gw itu bukan seni, tapi lebih tepat disebut sejarah!!!

apalagi essaynya!!

imagine this.
  1. bikin gambar neraka nekara dan moko.
  2. bikin bunga lotus 2
  3. bikin lambang bentuk dewa @3
  4. gambarin kayak apa Citra Kala (raksasa pencuri air keabadian-begitu yg ada di essay)
  5. gambarin penampang candi beserta keterangan.
i know nothing any of that.

soal PG? bolehlah bekal cap cip cup dan ingatan pelajaran sejarah kelas 1 kmrn.
tapi essay? oh men. gw sama sekali kehilangan bakat imajinasi gw tadi.

i cant even imagine what the hell nekara looks like!!
and what the hell is that for!

jadi gw cepet2 nyelesein PG dan ngambil kertas gambar berusaha mencuri2 lihat gambar2 tmn2 gw.

berbagai hasil jawaban yg gw dapat dari hasil tny sana sini.
dari yang gw tangkep dr jwban Moniq si, kayak pispot bentuknya.
kalo Matha, kayak genderang tradisional dari Maluku itu (whatever it called)

owkaay. i still couldnt imagine how nekara looks like.

so i asked the other about monster Kala itu.
nihil. ga ada yang tau juga.


sesaat gw berasa hopeless bgt dan pgn bgt ngosongin kertas gambar gw trus tidur. lalala.

yauda, bener2 ngasal gw gambar aja tuh nekara , moko, dan teman2nya seenak jidat gw.
dan gw yakin gw bakal dicekal umat Hindu kalo mereka liat gambar2 gw karena bagi mereka mungkin nampak seperti pelecehan.

Nekara gw , gw gambar seperti pispot emas berukiran lucu2 :P
Moko gw, gw gambar kayak entahlah.. bahkan gw ga bs nyebut kayak apa bentuknya trus sesuai request bu Tiw gw ukir dgn motif wajik (dia blg geometris, yauda gw ga paham deh)
lalu Kala nya, kayak Buto Ijo :( itu kata Volta (Vol, Kala lo yang jelas lebih metal dr gw!! kayak lambang2 grup band metal hardrock gitu deh)
trus.. candinya.. gausah dibahas. menyedihkan.
lotusnya.. indah kok :D


(actually, i want to continue this but suddenly im not in the mood. so, bye. )

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

yeah. i am still here at least.

doing my exams week. so so soo stressed out idk why, maybe its not the hardest month for me but for my several friends, its yes. sorry to hear that, buddies.

ah ya, i want to say some words to my lovely freaky mates.

congrats, Asbi!! :)) yaiy! finally, you got someone who cheer your life and you can feel more alive than with your ex before. happy to hear that. and im waiting for the coffee mcflurry anyway :P wehehehe

and, happy 17th , Thisyaa!!! muah muah!
i hope the best wishes to be yours!!
and btw, its a pleasure to me to designed your invitation card. its simple but thx for trusting me.
hope you like it.
and so sorry, for the lame surprise bcz we made it like in that morning. it was a sudden idea from me. i cant think any great idea, too tired :P but it came from our deepest heart.

hmm.. currently confuse with my future (still) because i guess my mother is hesitating my choice, having journalistic major in college (duh!)
and she suggested me to prefer the business, or idk what it called. mom!! let me decide!
then, i was thinking about continuing my college in Bali. with my cousin whom live there.
it would be great :))

but when i told my mom, she was laughing at me. fine. it was bad signal i knew.

hmm, actually i supposed to study now but i am too lazy to turn off this lovely dopey buckey computer, and too lazy to see all the dy/dx things.

yeah tomorrow test are math and civil. so many things to remind!!
do teacher think my brain was made from steal or what huh??
why do they keep pushing me?

i am tired doing (more or less) these 2 weeks exams.
even though i was not studying but i still can feel the pressure.

(hmm i feel like i have to write something on my blog, bcz lately, i posted too many pictures)

hmm what else?

currently in love with Endah & Ressa's. watch their "sexy back" cover. awesome. i told you.
(too lazy, again, to embed the video, check it yourself)

need some fresh air, and don't you feel the temperature its getting hotter and hotter?
i do. ugh!

people. dont you love your earth? i do bcz i keep things on it. so please do something to make it better for living.

ps : please please, for my friends or foe (if i had) dont judge me. you really don't know anything about my fcuking life okay? get a life!!

another blablabla

I'm not slow.


Monday, 7 September 2009

stat of the day

how much they affected us

yes, i totally agree.

twitter & MJ


do you own Facebook or Facebook own you?

Sunday, 6 September 2009

people divided in 2 kinds.
they who worth to live, and they who better die.


still cant figure it out.
but i think i just a loaf of living meats.
with disfunctional brain who only exist.

so, would you live or just simply exist?
make your life worth. dont you wanna die special? i want.
at least in someone's heart.

PS : i thought i was stronger. DAMN!!

my mini Planetarium

kalo TIM punya Planetarium, kalo gw, punya Stellarium :D
aplikasi ini sama kayak Planetarium.
kita bisa liat konstalasi2 bintang dari tempat kita berada.
2 thumbs for this application. love it.
it contains a lot of information not only about constellation but also the planets.

mau? ask me :)
i know there are somethings wrong with me. but i cant figure it out.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

new header

new header, like what i promised before :)
the picture drew by myself, i know its still far from good or even great. but i love it.

its a girl, with weird pose i know..
but i love her innocence.
can you see? how peacefull her face and she acted whatever she comforts in.
but im really sorry if my drawing was bad. i aint professional.

and.. new header soon! :P
i love changing my header, im easily bored person.

Friday, 4 September 2009

5 things i love to do, or 5 things i always do

  1. doodling
  2. eating ice cube.
  3. watching and thinking about people and their fuckin' stupid attitude, or life (instead of doing it)
  4. drawing an eye, or girl.
  5. listening.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

that's why i ignore you, but i think you're not even see the wall between us, or even care to look after me.

ah ya.

*this is piece of bullshit* for me Love shouldnt make us sad, and look so pathetic. if we are thinkig about them while listen to sad songs, or at least, remind us about them, that isnt love at all.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

bumi gonjang ganjing

breaking news.

after an earthquake , about hours ago, its like EVERY LITTLE MOMENTS ARE PRECIOUS NOW.

God has remind us though. hmmm

CHERISH EVERY LITTLE TIME. use it well and wisely :)

and remember, i know, everything's gonna be alright, at least, we're not gonna die today. not today.
i want to die special.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

m. for mocha

meet, my new pal.

i am currently in love with coffee, named ; mocha.
it tastes of coffee, but as sweet as chocolate, but not too sweet. perfect.
its combining of cocoa and coffee. thats why i love it.

so, i'll share some mocha recipes, way to make simply mocha, when you're lack of money to buy some.
its cheaper and easier.

check this out.

  1. Brew a cup of coffee. If you are able to brew coffee with an espresso machine, this is ideal.
  2. Heat two cups of milk on the stove.
  3. Add three tablespoons of chocolate mix into the milk. Remember, the chocolate used in Mocha can be anything from powdered Chocolate to a simple Hershey’s mix.
  4. Stir until the chocolate mix and the milk are completely mixed together.
  5. Add the brewed coffee into the mix and keep stirring.
  6. Stir occasionally until the mix has reached its desired temperature.
  7. Pour the mix into a cup and drink this baby up!

things to do this week.. mm, or month?

  1. fix my blog. promise. from the header, content, until every words inside. promise. soon *crossing fingers* ( i know, i know, my blog is still so lame :( )
  2. study. hard one. dont spoil this exams weeks.
  3. finishing "My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult" as my enfglish art's task. okey, it stuck on about 100 page. 400 more to goooooooo.
  4. satement necklace project with Barbara Vania.
  5. finishing my "candi-arca-watev" sketchs things.
  6. suddenly, i want to write some short story (again) but i still have no any (great) idea yet.
  7. LB projects.
  8. finding some idea for my wall (again, this time, i'll try with some oil paint)
remind me, please.

PS : apa kabar ? :) :(