Tuesday, 11 December 2012

the good idea of breaking up

i always wonder, that when will this day come. and when this day finally knocking on me, i wasnt even ready.
i was trying to be prepared but actually im just lying to myself.

i lied that i will be ready, i wont be hurt or even holding you back.
i lied, that i dont care we're just hving fun. you dont matter to me.
i lied that i can through this.

there's no good in breaking up actually. i lied. 
but my good idea of breaking up is, ketika kita sedang keluar bersama. on regular date just for some chit chat.
then we both realize there's nothing we can do anymore.
then we both decide, "lets break up" simply like asking "hey you wanna have some tea?"
then, ok. lets break up. with a smile and no hurt feelings.
then they eat their ordered meal. finish them.
then they go out from that cafe happily, in separated ways.
then they continue their each life. 

but then i realize thats the most naive bullshit i ever made.
if you can simply asking your lover to break up and they say yes with no hard feelings.
then all you have so far, is just a big lie.

Friday, 7 December 2012

i like torturing myself by thinking about you. about us.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

hati gue ga pernah bersama perempuan yang menghancurkan hubungan sebuah pasangan. wanita kedua, simpenan, selingkuhan, hts-an ato apalah namanya. sebaik dan semanis apapun perempuan kedua itu, tetaplah dia yang merusak hubungan yang udah dijalin. karena dilihat dari manapun, tetaplah dia yang salah.

dan hati gue ga pernah bersama lelaki yang memilih bersama perempuian kedua itu. atau bahkan sempat tercipta perempuan kedua itu.
kenapa sebuah hubungan itu harus dirusak dengan pihak ketiga? kalau udah bosen, yaudah udahin aja. kalau udah ga cocok, ya akhiri aja. kenapa mesti saling menyakiti?

if it didnt last, that its not love.