Sunday, 27 February 2011

i have love and hate relationship with money.

talked about job and money today. i said, that why people are so money-minded. i mean they're being so stingy and saving like hell. and what that's for?
you cant use your money in heaven later and you dont bring your money into your grave with your dead body.

then, why are people so money minded? earn money, spend it. earn more. spend more. thats what i thought we should do.

but nowadays, people are eblinded by money. the're manipulated by money. fuck money.
i dont say this bcs i dont need money, i need fucking money. we do. why? bcs everything uses money now. everywhere. EVEN JUST TO EAT!! EAT! FORGODSAKE!
why? bcs we're damn manipulated by money! how about we didnt live with money????? like take and give. just as simple as that.

thoughts #188

what is the worse than being dont know how to reach our goals? dont know where to go.

not advertising advertisement is the new advertisement (??)

nowadays, people advertise so many things. from so many ways. like even themselves.
but nowadays too, people become more griddy than ever, they want something that arent theirs. and not for sale.
so the only way to advertise things is, not advertise it. haha. 

Saturday, 26 February 2011

thoughts #187

rasanya kadang pengen gue suruh smua orang unfollow gue ato bikin twitter baru lagi. karena gue butuh tepat dimana gue ga butuh di judge dari tweets gue, gue butuh ngeluarin uneg2 gue, gue butuh caci maki orang, gue butuh ngeluh tanpa dinilai annoying ato nyampah, gue butuh menye2 tanpa dibilang mellow atau galau.

well, you're what you tweet. we are judged from our tweets. people judge.


there's always a reaon behind everything. like, why universe put me aong those people.maybe universe want me to learn something.

like from Icil, she is so damn diligent. she has no time for having fun, her house is in Tangerang and she must go to campus like from 6 am and after that she has to go to another place. to teach. and she handles 3 kids. her schedule is full like.. omg.
when i asked where all her salaries go, she said its all for college payment. like, her parents arent work anymore and she gotta pay her college all by herself. :O AND SHE STILL GOT 4 FOR HER GPS. OMG!!!!

then, from verty, what i learn is.. she's sooo daammnnnn tough and inovative. her house is like in faraway and nowhere place called Rajeg. i was like, where the hell is that? and she took 3 hours journey to get to campus. she always get up at 4 and go to campus to take train or transjakarta at 5. first bus, first train. she took 3 times 'angkot' with full track. :O
and i always caught her, browsing about things that i didnt even to think to do. like, how to cultivate lobster, how to make nugget from taro (yes, taro.) how to bla3 that could produce money. hahahaha but it's so silly. but its good too.

then, from brenda, i learn from her innocent. well, i didnt learn from her yet. she learn much from me tough.

i might not have freaky fun like i have back at high school or like my friends do at their college, but maybe universe has a reason putting me among these people. universe want me to learn. something. to be more diligent, that im not the only one who has furthest home, and showing me that i am still lucky that i dont have to pay my college all by myself.

i still need to learn much. like to accept them the way they are, stop comparing them, and.. yea.. we'll see.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

things i like

i fancy light. anything that glow in the dark and shining and gives light.
light itself
xmas tree

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

thoughts #186

everybody has their own version of heaven.

Monday, 21 February 2011

today is my birthday.

this year, my parents remember my bday. i dont wish anything. i dont know what to wish since i wish everyday :)
thanks guys, for making this bday... just like normal day. :))

i dont know, i always feel anxious in my bday.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Thursday, 17 February 2011

gue hari ini capek bgt, intinya :

gila Tuhan tuh adil bgt yak.

pernah ngalamin ga kejadian dimana kalian amazed bgt saat mengetahui, ketidak-adilan atau bahkan keadilan dunia, cth :
itu cowo Jelita (dr namanya kita tau si cewe ini pasti rupawan)? wanjir! macem bakpao kelindes bgt! (bisa dibayangkan pasti, jomplang dari si jelita ini)

itu cuma contohhhhhh, mihihihih. dan kejadian serupa lainnya.
mikir ga sih kenapa si yang-cakep-kayak-dewa mau sama si-muka-antah-berantah itu?

i got the answer today. temen2 gue lg giat2nya nyomblangin gue. entah kenapa. mereka mencekoki gue dengan fb cowo2 yg mnrt mrk ganteng, lumayan, diatas rata2 deh pokoknya. tapi dr sekian tuh fb cowo2, GADA YANG MENDEKATI OK menurut gue.

mereka bingung, gue tunjukkin gimana yang ganteng mnrt gue, mrk tambah bingung. karena mnrt mrk aneh. pokoknya jauh jg dr OK. biasa aja.

hmm, disini saya mengerti, tuhan memeberi kita mata yang berbeda-beda. berbeda pula bagaimana standarisasi type kita. ya krn itu lg, beda mata, beda otak, beda rasa.

pantes aja kan, si jelita mau sama si bakpao. (CONTOH LOH!) krn dimata jelita, si bakpao sempurna apa adanya. jd, gada deh tuh yg namanya minder gara2 lo ngerasa 'kurang' karena, lo pasti 'lebih' dimata seseorang. you just havent know them yet :)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

what do you think this song telling us about?
at first, maybe i was like, she (singer) doesnt believe in God, and doesnt car about God. but then, i read this comment :
people don't seem to realize that this isn't a religious song praising god. It merely questions how we treat others and how people are for the most part hypocritical if they found out that that 'slob on the bus' was god or some high figure who they're automatically treat differently. Also, it notes the shortfallings of religion in general but at the same time the song merely questions rather than GaeilgeSpraoi

then i was like, yeah.. dont be so easy to judge people and their believes. whatever we believe in, exist or not, like it or not, same or not, the only that matters is, how we treat others. how we live in harmony.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

ok so, this is the deal.

my daily photos, my random shoots, my anything-that-i-took-with-my-camera-with-no-purpose will ONLY be published at my photoblog AND, OR my tumblr.

and for my photoworks, will be published on my facebook. unprotected.or and my deviantart, depends on mood.

so, i just need to clear things out. bcs i have too many accounts apparently and it gets me confused hahaha

Monday, 14 February 2011

music gallery was....

rockin' my night!

i can officially say

i am a light catcher, light sucker, light-whore. i fancy light. so much. whatever gimme more lighttt!


these guys are so cute i cant bear to eat them :3

too much love for McDonalds.

so! since today is 14th. which is vals day, i am trying to celebrate it too. well, i made chocos!! woohooo!
and fyi, it's delicious! :)) but the only problem is, i have no one to give it away hahahaha
so, im just gonna eat it myself.
well, if you interested, i will share some to you. just tell me.
and even i am single on this day, but i wont curse vals day like some people did. 
today's supposed to be full of loveeee. i wont ruin that.

anyway, lucu aja sbnrnya klo dipikir ini kan ini hr biasa. cm judulnya aja hari kasih sayang. tapi, karena pelabelan itu, orang-orang bisa jadi galau 2x lipat. cuma gara2 di hari ini, ga berpacar, atau sdg sakit hati, dkk. 
aneh ga sih? how come labeled day affect you so much? its just a common day actually.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

just imagine. he just dreaming about it. what's so wrong?

ada yg mengait2kan lagu imagine- john lennon, sm kiamat. dan sgala hal yg menetang agamis lainya. saya ckp tau dan ga ngulik dan pgn tau lbh dalem. dan saya menghargai apapun, yg anda tangkep.
 dan atau percaya.

saya suka, bgt, sm lagu itu. liriknya lbh tepat.
man, namanya artis, Lennon must be have something to tell to us. dan itu tergantung gmn kita mengapresiasinya.

beda otak, beda pikiran, gue si ga mkr si Lennon ini menjerumuskan untuk menjadi agnostik ato segala lainnya. kenapa focus sama "Imagine there's no Heaven " nya? knp ga focus sama peace and no hungernya?

yang gue tangkep dr liriknya si, klo si Lennon merindukan dunia yang dia imagine seperti itu. it's easier if there's no bla3.
just, imagine. you dont need to take it seriously.

then he said, You may say that I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one
yep, he's not the only one who dream that world. me too.

dan gue cukup menghargai apaun yang lo tangkep dr postingan gue ini. so, peace out yo'

Saturday, 12 February 2011

nasib hari ini

ga jadi makan burju, malah ketimpa motor orang dan dapet benjol segede telur.

universe, what are you trying to say? hmm

ganti header blog lg.

gpp agak unyu. biar berasa muda. daripada bosen hhehe

i love you and yyou love me. we're a big family!

Friday, 11 February 2011

darimana datangnya cinta? .___.

dunia tuh emang gila atau semakin gila si?

alkisah sebuah siang, ngeliat FB seorang perjaka. bukan temen. cuma iseng.
terakhir ngecek, masih single. eh sekarang dah bermajikan (baca : pacar). oke.
di wallnya penuh wall dr majikannya.

"sayang.. :*"

emang dasar ga ada kerjaan, liat terus wall2nya ampe ke bawah. seru aja gitchu.

"A in relationship with B."
wa... baru ternyata. blom ada 3 hr.

liat lg kebawah, ada wall dr cewenya. tp msh dlm taraf PDKT.

liat lg kebawah, ada wall dr cewenya, br tahap abis nge-add dan kenalan. oke..

*mikir* kok agak cepet ya.
*ngecek tanggal*

dari nge-add, kenalan, pdkt, smpe jadian hr ini, cuma makan wkt 7 HARI-an.

the end. smoga langgeng aja si.

this aint fairytale nor love story neither.

kata Titi, saya jadi agak pendiam.

well said ti, saya juga ga bs mungkirin, kalo saya emang jd agak pendiam. mungkin bagi yang ga ekanl2 saya bgt, kapan saya pernah bawel? hehe

kenapa ya? mungkin jawabannya akhir2 ini saya banyak mikir. ga sehat emang.
tapi berada dalam masa transisi kayak sekarang tuh bikin saya mesti byk mikir.

transisi dr SMA ke kuliah.
transisi dr remaja ke harus dewasa
transisi dari yg cuma mau seneng2 tb2 disodorin tanggung jawab
transisi yg dari 18 beranajak ke 19. penghujung remaja men. SEM-BI-LAN BE-LAS.
transisi dari selatan ke utara
transisi dari yang gokil2 ke yang baru.
transisi dalam masa ekonomi yg kian sulit.

basically, everything's changed

pusing deh. bener. nulis gni aja brasa pusingnya haha tua bgt ya gue?

tapi, this is life that we have to deal. kita ga bisa terus2an jadi anak2 kayak peterpan. kita ga bs terus2an menolak untuk jadi dewasa.
and thats what i am dealing with.

masa transisi itu adalah masa paling sulit. tapi kalo kita ga mencoba, mungkin nantinya kita melewatkan masa-setelah-transisi. apa namanya? masa depan?

kata orang, perasaan yang indah itu adalah jatuh cinta sama orang yang sama setiap hari.

in my case, jatuh cinta sama hal yang sama, setiap hari.
i'm in love with camera ,everyday.

kenapa? karena gue sangat berterima kasih sama Louis Jacques Monde da Guerre & Edwin Land (menurut ini) yang udah nemuin magical thing kayak kamera.

dan saya ga akan capek2 ngeyakinin dan jelasin ke kalian segimana magicnya kamera. buat saya, itu magic. that's it. it's like explaining why earth is round. it just happens.

the idea of camera is already making me go 'wow'. :O

pokoknya aku cinta K.A.M.E.R.A!

tapi kecintaan saya sm kamera belum lantas membuat saya tergila-gila untuk mengoleksi mereka. belum. say masih dalam taraf, loves to capture. :)

dengan dibelinya octopus ungu

saya berjanji akan (berusaha) untuk less jajan2 ga penting di kampus dan more nabung2 buat cuci cetak foto u.u

kok main toycam lg Ga?
abis.. disetiap langkah saya, saya selalu punya keinginan untuk mengabadikan apa yang saya lihat. tapi keinginan itu terhalang gr2 bodi DSLR saya yg gede dan ga handy dibawa. dan agak eye catching aja klo motret pake itu di jalanan dan bus2 gt. u.u demi keamanan aja si.. drpd saya motret dan nenteng2 DSLR kmna2 kyk org bener, mending saya ngeluarin kocek sdkt untuk yg lbh bs dibawa kemana2 dan less attention. hehe

saya juga akan berjanji akan (berusaha) untuk rajin foto :D

bcs there's always prettiness in every little things around us. we only need to pay more attention.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

maka dari itu ajarilah saya *cuih* feelings are gross

baiklah. karena ini sudah dekat tanggal keramat, dah berasa aura cinta2annya. saya mau nulis cinta2an disini. kali gitu keciprat.

hmm, people might be wondering, why i am still staying single. no specific reason.
gue cuma terlalu males buat memulai dan membangun suatu hal. apalgi kalo ga pasti, nantinya gimana. maunya tuh instant aja gitu. haha
tapi gue tau, sesuatu yg instant ga bakal long last. maka dr itu, dr pada iseng2, mndg gausah. apa sih?

emang ga pernah ada yang disuka ga?
ada.. tapi ya ga ada niat deketin aja.

emang yang disuka gimana si Ga?
kenapa susah si nyari yang berkarakter? yg ga cetek otaknya? yang ga dangkal personalitynya? mesti gue cr dimana si? emg cowo2 yg bgtu modlenya dah ga ada ya? yg model2 Rangga gtu. is it that hard to impress me?

gue heran loh, sama orang2 yang bs deket sm byk cowo sekaligus, abs putus. kok minglenya cpt  bgt ya? trus bs jadian lg tuh gmn cb?dikemanain perasaan yg dlu? :/

yah mungkin its just me that too sensitive.

ah tau apa si lo Ga soal cinta..

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

thoughts #185

unrequited love, everybody experienced it but few survive from it.

kalau kalian punya pacar atau gebetan, atau hts atau apa kek namanya, kalian mau dinyanyiin lagu apa?

kate nash - the nicest thing
"i wish that you knew when i said 2 sugars actually i meant 3. basically, i wish that you loved me"

maybe it could bring old memories, but also provide with new feelings.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

gadgets nowadays and its impact.

i have a friend. lets call her, A.
so she just change her phone to BB. like so many people do.

i am okay with that. i am thinking about changing mine too. but, the thing is,

she spent way too much time on her BB. she's like 'autistic'.typing all days and focusing on her BB. i hate that to be honest.
i mean, you choose to come with us, but you spent your time typing on bb to someone's out there that not even officially your boyfriend, yet. not even your parents.

i mean, how important he is?! until you have to take so much focus on him?
btw, you cant meet me and others, EVERYDAY. THATS WHY WE HANG OUT.

then, we are together, but, you didnt there. your thought, your mind, your soul. then whats the use we hang out?

appreciate us who spare our time to meet each other. to meet you too. if we didnt want you, we wont invite you. but, when we are together, you were being so annoyingly busy with your BB. blargh.

so, please, you can have 3 or even 10 BB at once, but please dont let the gadgets take over you.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Hebat = sukses

Setiap seniman, atau bahkan orang punya point of view atau cara/sudut pandang sendiri. Dan seniman itu sendiri melihat segalanya indah. Darisudut pandang tertentu yang ga diliat orang lain. Bagi dia itu indah.

Tapi belum tentu bagi orang lain.

Nah, seniman yang hebat itu adalah seniman yang dapat membuat sudut pandangnya disukai banyak orang. Karena orang akan melihat juga keindahan yang dilihat si seniman itu.

Karena, kalau saya meolhat a ndah. Belum tentu si B setuju kalo A itu indah. Karena si B ga liat apa yang saya lihat dari A. Ya kan?

Bagi saya, everything is beautiful if you look closer.

Namun, bisakah saya meyakinkan kalian bahwa yang saya lihat itu benar indah? :)

Friday, 4 February 2011


saya selalu kagum dan salut sama mereka, teman2 saya yang masuk kedokteran.

waktu kalian kecil, apa sih yang terlintas pertama saat ditanya mau jd apa? mostly dokter kan? saya juga. dan mereka adalah orang-orang yang bertahan sama statement pertama mereka itu, mrk konsisten. salut.

terus, jadi dokter itu ga gampang. ya emang, sipa juga yg blg gampang. kalian mesti siap dalam bidang material, mental maupun fisik.

terus, lo berjuang nyelametin jiwa orang. nyelametin. imagine how deep that word. your someone is sick, then doctors heal them. imagine.

thats it. salute. keep fighting, guys.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

how to let go

i dont know, yet. seriously. haha
but, the only thing i know is, keep walking. even the past keep following.
keep walking, dont look back.

but, set your goal before you walk. or else, you will lost.
and it aint better than being haunted by your past.

and, maybe you will meet something or someone you never expect before in the end of road.

i know, it's hard. but it's worth it.

note to self.

we live in the same ground. we breathe the same air. we live under the same sky. i cant see why we couldnt be something that he/she could.
there's no reason for not being something you dream for just bcs this and that.
no reason.

remember what your mom said? we eat the same rice. they could, why dont you?

dont littleing yourself. appreaciate yourself.
everybody has a same chance. it's just about, take it or not.