Wednesday, 16 February 2011

what do you think this song telling us about?
at first, maybe i was like, she (singer) doesnt believe in God, and doesnt car about God. but then, i read this comment :
people don't seem to realize that this isn't a religious song praising god. It merely questions how we treat others and how people are for the most part hypocritical if they found out that that 'slob on the bus' was god or some high figure who they're automatically treat differently. Also, it notes the shortfallings of religion in general but at the same time the song merely questions rather than GaeilgeSpraoi

then i was like, yeah.. dont be so easy to judge people and their believes. whatever we believe in, exist or not, like it or not, same or not, the only that matters is, how we treat others. how we live in harmony.

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