Wednesday, 30 January 2013

so, entirely universe has made a single rule. bros before hoes.

brosh before hoes. even it's applied for girls.
bro before hoes.
girls can stupidly spend so many (even much) things for his boy, but they will carefully spend something for their friends.
sacrifice so much effort for his boy but will not logically think, is it gonna work out? and deny all the advice she got blinded by so called true love.

really, girls? i'm pretty disappointed here.

Friday, 25 January 2013

eggs and religion nowadays.

so my family have this habit, where you gotta wash eggs before you put it in refrigerator.
i was asking why we gotta do it because im wondering. we eat whats inside the eggs right? and you guys know that egg shelter is pretty strong protecting the yolk and the white inside from all the beacteria outside, she said because we bought the eggs from unsanitary place, there are so many possible germs that brought within the egss shelter, so at least we wash away the egss so whole refrigerator didnt contaminated.

i was like, well makes sense.

then i dont know  iguess our family (well me) too lazy to wash the eggs one by one, so recently we just put it away inside the refrigerator.

then tonight my brother cook and egg. he took it from the refrigerator then wash it.
i was asking "you eat whats in the egg or the shelter? whats the point u wash it?"
he just remain silent.

i think that whats happen with so called religious people.
they didnt know exactly whats the point, whats the goal, whats the meaning by following the rulesm tradition, and whats so ever "god" taught to them.
they just simply follow them
that what makes them stupid. and pointless.
just saying.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

first post on 2013.


we survived 2012 finally. :')
banyak ngeliat harapan2 kecil sampai besar di timeline twitter utk 2013.
mostly minta cuma 1. (sesimpel) bahagia.

bahagia itu ga simpel. dengan meminta bahagia berarti lo meminta jalan hidup lo (dari segala aspek) dimudahkan. whats so simple with that? apanya yang hanya bahagia? sepanjang tahun bhagia? wih.. surga sekali.
meminta untuk bahagia sama aja dengan kata lain utntuk serakah.

padahal bahagia itu ga perlu minta. ga perlu cari. cuma perlu disadari.
sesimpel dengan bersyukur.

happy blessed 2013! :)