Tuesday, 11 March 2014

i dont wanna be religious.

it disgust me to see religious people around me, being so hypocrite.
they lie, they fuck, they steal, they are arrogant, they fight, they kill.
they praise their lord then do all the fcking sin conciously, then ask for forgiveness innocently, then do it again, then ask again.
you think being commit to one religion, is a fckn joke??

i dont wanna be that guy. i dont wanna be hypocrite.
it will make my sin double, being sinful and hypocrite.
i'm a sinful person. i do a lot of mistakes. im not ready to commit to one religion and obey all the doctrins the had. let me be sinful person, at least i dont have to lie myself and my lord.

really, they disgust me.

i dont wanna be religious. if religious means lying to yourself.