Tuesday, 11 March 2014

i dont wanna be religious.

it disgust me to see religious people around me, being so hypocrite.
they lie, they fuck, they steal, they are arrogant, they fight, they kill.
they praise their lord then do all the fcking sin conciously, then ask for forgiveness innocently, then do it again, then ask again.
you think being commit to one religion, is a fckn joke??

i dont wanna be that guy. i dont wanna be hypocrite.
it will make my sin double, being sinful and hypocrite.
i'm a sinful person. i do a lot of mistakes. im not ready to commit to one religion and obey all the doctrins the had. let me be sinful person, at least i dont have to lie myself and my lord.

really, they disgust me.

i dont wanna be religious. if religious means lying to yourself.

1 comment:

  1. You have to realize that the world is not filled by your own kind of people. Okay, I get it that you don't want to be religious and such. But to judge a religious people hypocrite? Really? Do you think everyone who has religion need to be a pope? Nobody's perfect but we are trying to be closest to perfect. You are a hypocrite. I am too. But to judge religious people that they are hypocrite are just ridiculous, because we all are. I get it that being commit to one religion, as you said, "(not) a fckn joke". Some of those people get it. Maybe few of them don't. Or vice versa. But to stereotype like all of them taking a religion as a joke is just....shallow.
    I am not religious but I have a religion and I believe in God. FOR ME, this is about having a belief that there's something greater out there. If you don't believe in this, cool. If you believe in science, cool. If you don't believe in anything, that's fuckn cool.
    But saying that religious people disgust you? What are you? A girl who knows it all? Have some respect, dude. You don't only live by your own kind of people (I know, what a surprise, right?). But at least try to respect those people who are different from you, even though you hate them like hell. It's not like they bother you and push you to go to church or mosque or whatever, right? (Or do they? Then I'm sorry if that happens, religion is not supposed to be that way)

    I don't know girl, just don't forget that you and them are humans (bohoo, what a surprise, right?). We do make mistakes but that doesn't mean mocking and not respecting one another is okay.