Wednesday, 6 February 2013

how to explain this..

if you think your love is worth fighting for (bcs it feels so right but it's so hard at the same time) then go fight for it. fight for your curiosity.
but give it a limit. think logically. give your brain a chance to decide to, wether its right-normal, or wrong-crazy-insane stuff to fight.
bcs when we in love, we usually got blinded by... love itself.

at first it could feel so right, you are so fckin sure he/she's the one that understand you so much. he/she's the one that love you too. BUT REALLY? we got 6 billion people and counting in this world.
how could you be so sure?

i might be lame for trusting faith. i might be lame for depending my life on so called destiny.
but i do.

so, when you fight for someone. go fight for it. but think logically too. if it seems so impossible?
then surrender. not giving up, but surrender.
have a little faith. let god do the rest for you. make the impossible, possible. :)