Sunday, 27 February 2011

i have love and hate relationship with money.

talked about job and money today. i said, that why people are so money-minded. i mean they're being so stingy and saving like hell. and what that's for?
you cant use your money in heaven later and you dont bring your money into your grave with your dead body.

then, why are people so money minded? earn money, spend it. earn more. spend more. thats what i thought we should do.

but nowadays, people are eblinded by money. the're manipulated by money. fuck money.
i dont say this bcs i dont need money, i need fucking money. we do. why? bcs everything uses money now. everywhere. EVEN JUST TO EAT!! EAT! FORGODSAKE!
why? bcs we're damn manipulated by money! how about we didnt live with money????? like take and give. just as simple as that.

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