Tuesday, 1 March 2011

diamond in the mud

saya ngerasa kampus saya kayak tong sampah.

eits, in a good way. at first glance, it's nothing but rubbish and dirty things. basically it's all useless and uninteresting. but when you dig deeper, you'll find something unexpected and kinda... precious or perhaps too-awesome-to-be-thrown-away among those rubbish.(like ehem me!)

these days, i found like a few guys. i mean hot guys. i mean like, hot like hell. well, their hotness brings coolness at the same time! eh? :P

well, i dont know who the hell they are and how come they could be in the same campus with me and why the hell i just discover them or where the hell they have been when i looking aroundd? hahaha

oh whatever, i am still in the middle of desert. am craving oasis!

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