Saturday, 26 February 2011


there's always a reaon behind everything. like, why universe put me aong those people.maybe universe want me to learn something.

like from Icil, she is so damn diligent. she has no time for having fun, her house is in Tangerang and she must go to campus like from 6 am and after that she has to go to another place. to teach. and she handles 3 kids. her schedule is full like.. omg.
when i asked where all her salaries go, she said its all for college payment. like, her parents arent work anymore and she gotta pay her college all by herself. :O AND SHE STILL GOT 4 FOR HER GPS. OMG!!!!

then, from verty, what i learn is.. she's sooo daammnnnn tough and inovative. her house is like in faraway and nowhere place called Rajeg. i was like, where the hell is that? and she took 3 hours journey to get to campus. she always get up at 4 and go to campus to take train or transjakarta at 5. first bus, first train. she took 3 times 'angkot' with full track. :O
and i always caught her, browsing about things that i didnt even to think to do. like, how to cultivate lobster, how to make nugget from taro (yes, taro.) how to bla3 that could produce money. hahahaha but it's so silly. but its good too.

then, from brenda, i learn from her innocent. well, i didnt learn from her yet. she learn much from me tough.

i might not have freaky fun like i have back at high school or like my friends do at their college, but maybe universe has a reason putting me among these people. universe want me to learn. something. to be more diligent, that im not the only one who has furthest home, and showing me that i am still lucky that i dont have to pay my college all by myself.

i still need to learn much. like to accept them the way they are, stop comparing them, and.. yea.. we'll see.

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