Tuesday, 8 February 2011

gadgets nowadays and its impact.

i have a friend. lets call her, A.
so she just change her phone to BB. like so many people do.

i am okay with that. i am thinking about changing mine too. but, the thing is,

she spent way too much time on her BB. she's like 'autistic'.typing all days and focusing on her BB. i hate that to be honest.
i mean, you choose to come with us, but you spent your time typing on bb to someone's out there that not even officially your boyfriend, yet. not even your parents.

i mean, how important he is?! until you have to take so much focus on him?
btw, you cant meet me and others, EVERYDAY. THATS WHY WE HANG OUT.

then, we are together, but, you didnt there. your thought, your mind, your soul. then whats the use we hang out?

appreciate us who spare our time to meet each other. to meet you too. if we didnt want you, we wont invite you. but, when we are together, you were being so annoyingly busy with your BB. blargh.

so, please, you can have 3 or even 10 BB at once, but please dont let the gadgets take over you.

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