Wednesday, 9 September 2009

yeah. i am still here at least.

doing my exams week. so so soo stressed out idk why, maybe its not the hardest month for me but for my several friends, its yes. sorry to hear that, buddies.

ah ya, i want to say some words to my lovely freaky mates.

congrats, Asbi!! :)) yaiy! finally, you got someone who cheer your life and you can feel more alive than with your ex before. happy to hear that. and im waiting for the coffee mcflurry anyway :P wehehehe

and, happy 17th , Thisyaa!!! muah muah!
i hope the best wishes to be yours!!
and btw, its a pleasure to me to designed your invitation card. its simple but thx for trusting me.
hope you like it.
and so sorry, for the lame surprise bcz we made it like in that morning. it was a sudden idea from me. i cant think any great idea, too tired :P but it came from our deepest heart.

hmm.. currently confuse with my future (still) because i guess my mother is hesitating my choice, having journalistic major in college (duh!)
and she suggested me to prefer the business, or idk what it called. mom!! let me decide!
then, i was thinking about continuing my college in Bali. with my cousin whom live there.
it would be great :))

but when i told my mom, she was laughing at me. fine. it was bad signal i knew.

hmm, actually i supposed to study now but i am too lazy to turn off this lovely dopey buckey computer, and too lazy to see all the dy/dx things.

yeah tomorrow test are math and civil. so many things to remind!!
do teacher think my brain was made from steal or what huh??
why do they keep pushing me?

i am tired doing (more or less) these 2 weeks exams.
even though i was not studying but i still can feel the pressure.

(hmm i feel like i have to write something on my blog, bcz lately, i posted too many pictures)

hmm what else?

currently in love with Endah & Ressa's. watch their "sexy back" cover. awesome. i told you.
(too lazy, again, to embed the video, check it yourself)

need some fresh air, and don't you feel the temperature its getting hotter and hotter?
i do. ugh!

people. dont you love your earth? i do bcz i keep things on it. so please do something to make it better for living.

ps : please please, for my friends or foe (if i had) dont judge me. you really don't know anything about my fcuking life okay? get a life!!

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