Tuesday, 29 September 2009

i am not emobut these make me sounds so emo.

i thought you were mature enough, but i think ages doesn't matter.
ok. so now, apparently, i lost my faith on people and seems like, so do they.

so what i have to do now? working on to get my trust back?
what for? if they are not trust me like they used to, it just means they never trust on me before.
and it means they don't know me even a single part of me.
they faked on it. with their ha-ha face.

no prob, people wear their own masks.
so here i am with my so-damn-tough-big-girl mask.

i wont cry, crying isn't for me. (but i cant help it when night comes and when i am alone)
but i just don't know how to make a curves on my face -especially my lips- cause it seems SO BIG DEAL for some people to my isn't-built-for-smile fucking face.

meanwhile, i have a lot of pressures.
but i am not under, though.
it just makes me so damn damn goddammit better.

i was like put just-stay-away-from-me-and-dont-messed-around-with-me or you're-so fucked-up-so-stay-away-idiots face on my everyday, so sorry all. i didn't mean it, seriously. I'm free when you all wanna share a little time with me.

basically, i only need appreciation as a human being and ...
actually, i don't even know what i need know.
when all you need is seems so far away and they just walk away , too busy with their own business

geez thx for making me look so miserable. and really miserable.
i only wanna live peacefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe i am bit hesitate something called heaven before but if heaven is really exist and if its really like everyone' imagines, i would rather be there now. and maybe come back later when everyone got their brain.

so, just wish me could survive and not being in more radical self destruction way. hmm
and wish me. still could being sober enough.

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