Wednesday, 16 September 2009

superman turns to romeo.

i know someone.
for me, he's superman.
and i love it.

he has no super strength, super muscle with super eye.
he has not wearing some silly red-blue costume with a big S.
he cant fly.
he cant speak in many language.
he's not so damn smart and not having a to die for smile.

but he's superman.
why? because he was watching someone from a distance.always keeping an eye on her. keeping her save. always care about her and always there for her, even she doesn't know it.

but somehow, the superman turns to romeo.

seems like would do anything for his juliet.
has many lovey dovey words.
would sacrifice anything only for his juliet.


*pikiran kemana2. kok dah jam 1 aja si? hmm*

night all.

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