Sunday, 11 October 2009


i saw many deaths last night.

umm, relax man, it was just in a documentary movie that i watched in Kineforum at IKJ
but seriously, it was creepy.

yesterday i went to IKJ and watched their movies that they played in Kineforum.
i watched 3 short movies (about 15 minutes each movie) and 1 documentary (about 80 minutes)
short movies were made by IKJ's students to fulfill their last assignments.
and it was great. greater than Indonesian movies that i used to watched at cinema.
10 times better.


"Kabar Gembira"
"Purnama di Pesisir"

my favorite is "cinta" and "kabar gembira" (hmm i cant decide) because they have a lot of philosophy and great point inside.

now, back to the topic. i saw many deaths in Favela Rising (that documentary)

why? it tells about Favela (slum) in Rio de Jainero, especially an afro-brazilian guy named Anderson who lived in that comunity, born as one of them and tried to save favela lifes in their environment where all the favela used to kill and tortured unfairly by the police.
it tells favela life and how Anderson saves them by his music. afro-reggae.
not bad but it a bit boring hhe.

yeah so far, it really touched my heart i mean how can POLICE who have duty to uphold fairness instead act so unfair to the slum. (you can see how the police persecuted them, it was really have-no-heart-acts)
yeah i mean they become slum almost because they sold the drugs but somethings just goes unfair there.

you cant kill someone just because you saw them as a slum and, become a slum doesn't mean that they must be sold a drugs. oh come on!
you cant kill them as easy as you kill an ant.

hmm, i think thats all. i am pretty tired today. actually my brain is stuck. i want to write many things but it just cant come out.
so bye.

notes : anyone who read my blog and want to be a police, no offense. just be a good police. just because you wear that damn uniform doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. we are human.

and yeah, reality hurts 3 times more, man.

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