Tuesday, 6 October 2009

giving up isnt in the winner dictionary.

In a game run a marathon 20 October 1968, long ago, after most of the audience started to leave the stadium, suddenly several people who were still in the main stadium startled by the sound of the sirens howled into the main stadium.

A half-crippled runner ran with difficulty entering the Olympic stadium of Mexico City who has been getting dark. As a result of a fatal collision incident with another runner at the start of a marathon race, he was asked to stop because of the spilled blood of his wounds, but he refused! He still ran to the finish line even though it was determined the winner of an hour ago.

Then there was a asked him "Why do not you stop when he was injured early in the game?" He said, "My country did not send me 5.000 miles to start the game, they sent me to finish 5.000 miles."

(this is the man)

Akhwari known as an Olympic Hero not because he won the gold medal but because of its commitment to finish the game.

This story reminds us that do not easily give up. Remember, giving is not the choice of a Champion. We must give all the best to achieve the objectives.

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