Tuesday, 20 October 2009

hmm.. yeah. i was not update my blog since hmm, a couple days ago.
and it was record for me, who considered as the owner of the most updated blog.

hmm, i dont know. i just did not have much time.
have no idea what to say, hmm no no, have no mood to write down my story or even my thoughts.
i have never stop thinking anyway.

so, this is just update, to show that i am still alivee
by the way, i got the scholarship. i was happy. just happy :)
thanks God!! it helps a lot.

and...... suddenly, i become hesitate of my future. i mean, what i wabt to be.
is that what i want? what i want?
am i sure? am i gonna regret it?

i will take whatever it comes to me.
chance doesnt come twice.

sooo, let's get the party started! turn on the music and just follow the beat! (what the hell i am talking about??)

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