Friday, 16 October 2009

quick share

soooooo, how are ya doin, folks??

3 days seems so short. and i already miss those things.
i was from my school retreat.
and it was great, fun and sooo touching.

yeah, and today i was back to my dusty town.
ah Ciawi - Pamulang its kinda short. its only take 1,5 hours to get there.

and when i arrived, i was just collapse! hahah
btw, during my sleep. something happened!

earthquake again :(
and i didnt feel anything! omy..
but thankfully, it was all okay. we are fine. and nothing broken.

i just hope the best for we all.
God bless us.

and i just realized something that everything could be happen.
we are nothing but dust in God's eye (yeah i am just being like so religious - now.)
i mean seriously, a few secs ago, we could laughing out loud but in the next seconds, who knows? earthquake happened.

see what i mean?
so, what i got fro this retreat :

this is LIFE. just be good for you and each other, because being useful for each other and not only yourself makes you life more or truly LIVE!

LIVE your LIFE. enjoy every seconds you got and do your best.

hmph.. my body is really stiff, sore, whatever. because i played limbo without knowing my vigor. and it makes my muscle or something inside argh i cant explain. too tired.

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