Friday, 30 October 2009

recently, since i entered the last year in high school, people often asked me, where i am going to after this or what major i am gonna take.

some people of my friend, still hesitate with their own choices. either its too much options or no option at all.
and some of them take the unmatched major with the majors they're in now
even, some of them still dont know what the majors they will continue after this and have no interest to continue to college after this.

so, with surely, i answered my destination after this and proudly said that i want to be a photojournalist.
but i think the journey still so far.
but sometimes i can imagine myself in 5 years ahead that i'm taking some pictures, in the streets. doing my job. and camera is hanging on my neck wherever i am.
having a gallery. working for some famous magazine/newspaper. being a journalist, or being an eyewitness of this cruelly reality from my picts.
or, taking a great and artsy picts with models for some reputable fashion magazine.
ah it seems so fun.

i wish i were.

and sometimes, a consistent person like me can be so hesitate too.
some of them , ever wondering why i dont take a DKV major instead of communication. just because they think i can draw well and i can design something properly.

well, i am wondering too.
and maybe this is the answer, that i love to connect with the people at most rather than drawing.
i can , i am good. i have potential on it, i like it, but i am afraid that i am too moody and it make me stuck. besides, i hate dealing with rules.
you know, some rules that teacher made when we create something.

they said, art is free but they still told us to do this to do that. told us that our drawing are too rude, and bla bla bla. to make line like this and to sketch this way.
its not because i dont want to be criticize but i am wondering it supposed to be free like you said to us, right?
so if our drawing isnt fit with your eyes, it just means that we cant draw well. yet.

just wondering.
but i still love doing art.

and some of them wondering why i dont take a psychology major just because i am good at understanding people and listening. and i am good at observing people. my prediction about people mostly is usually right. and they think i can give a good advice.

yeah, i wish i have a much time,a lot of money and energy to take those 3 majors.
because basically i love to learn.

and talking about learning, i learn a lot from using my analogue (Fuji MDL 09 - panorama).

first, the weather and the light does matter so much!!!
second, the length. between the object and me do not being too close.
third, light leak!!!!!! omaigoodahh, i have to cover it.
forth, something wrong with my camera. it didnt work properly. and it made some of the films are blank. only white blank film. damn. you wasted it!
fifth, i have to observe more and cherish all the film inside. dont waste it. its not digital. think more, shoot less. but sometimes, dont think just shoot - is good too :)

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