Tuesday, 27 October 2009

things i seriously should do

  • saving. using analogue isn't always cheap :P especially when you are very excited of it and cant stop spending your film. and always want to know more more and more about what the result would come out
  • saving. when you want to start your own business. man, i need much capital.
  • saving. when you cant hold your lust to buy film(s) and battery.
  • saving. when you cant get enough of analogue and desperately (ehem its hyperbole) want a DSLR one too.
  • saving. when you are so independent and feeling too reluctant to ask your parent for some money.
  • saving. when money is needed everywhere nowadays.
  • saving. when you are such a big big spender.
  • saving. when there are so many temptation outside (we are talking about food and beverage, books, clothes, tickets, shoes,but mostly food. omg. i mean we just cant buy those things in one time, right? who do you think i am? President's daughter?) especially when your tummy cant compromise at all and you are about too hard to reject it.
  • saving. when you are about feeding yourself and plan to live alone, one day. yeah it is long-term plan, but what's wrong with get used to it from now, right?
  • saving. when sometimes its wiser than you spend your money for something useless.
so, it think it should be titled, the reasons why do i need to save.
i think my only problem is, i am just such a big spender.
its not about the amount of money but desire inside and the temptation outside.
oh man, life is beautiful.

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