Friday, 6 November 2009

hay i am back,
yeah i know i had not updating this blog since few days ago. i got writer's block err.
but i do still live.
at least.

and, i dont know what i am talking about now its too soon or not
but i just have to remind myself.

i only have 3 months remaining for my goddamn high school and then i am going to face the national final exam. and then school final exam, and then practical exams, and then yearbook stuffs, and then prom, and then graduation (means goodbye :( wish us luck), oh i know time fly so fast, gimme a break!
and i only have 3 months to prepare them.
only 3 months.
3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!

and frankly, i am not ready.

this is what i called 3 years for 3 days.
is it worth it? nah.

you make me hate you minister of education.
really hate you.

i dont know what to say.
i miss the real Christmas :( (currently listening to Christmas song - white Christmas, my everlasting fave xmas song)

and ah ya, i have some bruises, but its not ordinary bruises ,why?
because mine turns to yellow , pink and a bit blue - creepy!
i got a creepy bruises!
i wish i can show you, but i am afraid that you'll be afraid to see that too :P
i never have bruises like this so i just like proud (should i? :| ) of this natural colors on my body.
if you slightly see it, you'll recognize it as a.. mm, galaxy on white sky? :P

lots of hate,

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