Sunday, 1 November 2009

if i could make a debate topic now, i would pro for "giving my money straightly for beggar outside"
because some people think its not good to give your money to them freely.
i mean, what the hell is wrong with giving to incapable people?
if they can work, i bet they will.
its about opportunities. not because they are too lazy to work so they decide to scrounge some money from us instead of make some handcraft to sell or whatever.
besides, i bet they're too weak for it.
and the only way to live only begging. is it wrong?

what the hell will you do if you had no house, job, any money, even clothes, or creativity, or capital to start something, or you even had no strength to do something?
thats it!

why do i tell you this?
because today i had some photoshoot with them, and too bad because one and other thing, i had no money to give as a tip as i planned before.
so, i just approached them with smile then asked them to take some photo for me, and i asked them to smile widely.
yeah they smiled for me, they even laugh because they thought i was so silly for asking their photos
they thought they're too ugly for it.
and then i asked something to them, not a deep conversation but i quite enjoyed it.
seriously i have to go back, it felt sooooo stifling that i cant give something to them. doesnt mean to be hero or whatever but seriously..

according to me, i more agree to give my money straightly to the one who need it instead of through some charity organization. i dont know why.
and i just dont understand why we dont allowed to give our money straightly to them. whats the different with giving it through charity?

and today, i got something to say.
photography, just like a life.
what you got is what you took.

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