Saturday, 14 November 2009

letter for my future husband

dear my future husband,

okay i know it will be a bit awkward. i just cant stop thinking about you.
i dont know where you are now, but i hope you are fine and maybe wondering about me now.
i cant stop thinking about you, did i say that? okay.
what are you doing?
i hope we'll gonna meet someday. sooner or later.
i hope that you are exist
i hope that we have same interest
i hope that you're not bastard like some people in my past
i didnt ask you to understand me but i hope you can accept me the way i am bcs sometimes im just a bit out of box.
i hope you dont mind with my cold deadly gaze.
i hope that you're not like my father that so hasty, reckless, and emotional.
i hope you can dance so we can dance all night long.
i hope you're good, great, awesome, briliant, oh whatever.
i hope you have a good english so we can teach our kids later so we dont have to spend an extra money for our kids to take some english courses
i hope you aren't boring bcs i get bored easily.
i hope you can drive me crazy
i hope you're not evil bcs i get enough dealing with them.
i hope you're so much interesting
i hope you're not expected
i hope we last forever
i hope you love me
i hope i love you more than i love him.
so, see you soon my dear.
cant hardly wait to meet you!



PS : ♥♥

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