Tuesday, 15 December 2009

the difference between men and boys

A boy looks good with his shirt off
A man looks good because of the way he looks at you

A boy will smile during the good times
A man will laugh during the bad

A boy goes to work because he has to
A man works because he can

A boy buys a plasma screen television
A man accumulates a library

A boy will hug you in the kitchen
A man will hold your hand anywhere you’re together

A boy knows how to load the washing machine
A man knows what doesn’t go in the dryer

A boy can read the grocery list you have written
A man will shop it with you, put it away, and cook anything on it

A boy will talk to you about lousy day
A man will ask you about yours, and listen

A boy will read a to do list
A man knows what has to be done

A boy will buy you flowers
A man will plant them with you

A boy will tell you what you want to hear
A man will tell you what he has to say

A boy will share a thought
A man will share his dreams

A boy will tell you he feels good when he is with you
A man will tell you how he feels when he can’t be at your side

A boy will share intimate moments with you
A man….will share his life

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