Monday, 28 December 2009

lets talk about me.

i am a simple girl with a complicated mind
i am too nice sometimes and sometimes it becomes problem for me.
i always think i can be whoever i want but the problem is, i dont want it.
i feel ordinary and invisible.
i understand people in my own way, i just can figure them out.
i listen to people more than i talk to them
i am a quite girl actually but sometimes i can be so attractive and talkative. its just my alter ego.
i love UK so much from the first time i saw it (not to mention it technically and literally)
i like party and having fun indeed
i hate studying but i like learning
i seriously hate ant(s), i hate them so much, three much, screw them!!
i always think i could be something someday, i dont know why.
i dont know why i write this but its just came out like this.

so, how about you?

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