Tuesday, 29 December 2009

okay this post will problaby be the last post for this year.

waw, time's running out so fast eh?

so err, as usually people make some resolutions for the next year (and i cant deal with it, i keep breaking those resolutions i made)
and, this year (lets pretend its already 2010 bcs i have something to do tomorrow [31st] which means i cant blogging tomorrow) i try to make more simple resolutions that i (hope) i can make it real.

so here it goes. in 2010, i will...

  1. i took a challenge from her which i have to blogging with pictures/drawings EVERYDAY. it'll officially start at first January 2010 until the whole year. everyday. okay.. so in 2010 im gonna be a scribble. woohoo!
  2. i am so picky. including when i buy a shirt. i have so many ideas for my ideal t-shirt but i just cant found it out there. so, this year, im planning to make some t-shirt, designed by me. wish me luck.
  3. since i am so picky, i try to make a dress too.
  4. this year, im planning to have a DSLR (kay i told you so many times but just wish me for this year!) bcs im going to college and i know i will really need this stuff.
  5. graduate with quite good score from high school. its a must.
its quite simple and short list eh? i dont wanna be too much, like i have to do this, i have to reach this, i have to change my attitude and bla3.
so so whats yours?

and i want to thank to God for this year bcs, this year. i got so many things and i learn so many things from this year.
i got a scholarship which is so helpful (and it fulfilled my previous resolutions)
being 17, got my official identity. i have met so many great friends this year. my dream apparently came true (even it vanished again but thankfully it happened)
so many things i cant mention one by one.

and, how about you? whats yours?
so people, see you in next year.
i hope 2010 gonna be my fckin year and .. i just can say,

happy end year then have a joyous NEW YEAR , all

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