Thursday, 28 January 2010

argentum's trending topic

(fyi, bagi yg gtau ARGENTUM itu apa, ARGENTUM  adalah nama angkatan MD 2010. its not official yet actually)

kalo twitter punya trending topic, yaitu most talked about topic, well, in Mater Dei we have it too. this is what i catch.
  1. UAN. yep, since this is our last year, national final exam become our first concentration. the aura of it is freaking us out, apalagi ditambah dgn keputusan2 seperti dimajuin jadi Maret, trus ketuntasannya juga dinaikin well.. lets pray for our best. tadinya sempet ada sistem moving school tp anak2 dah ngamuk2 jadi, ga jadi deh sama pemerintah.
  2. RUBIKS. seriously, i found this coloful cube in every single class i entrace. i often caught several boys trying so hard to solve this thing. from the cmost clever way to the dumbest way such breaking it. gw ga paham ya apa yang  menarik dr mainan ini tapi sepertinya orang2 ga cukup dengan tugas2 yang sudah bkn pusing dan menambah dengan berusaha menyelesaikan rubiks ini.
  3. SIMAK UI. huah.. i dont know why its so special butt, it seems almost half of argentum is going to University of Indonesia. 
  4. PROM vs BANDUNG. well, not like previous year, this year, teachers give us 2 choices for our graduation party. either you want a prom or go to Bandung. and seems like it makes argentum going apart.
  5. JAKET ALMAMATER vs JAKET BASEBALL. its already become our tradition to make jacket alma mater. but this time, the idea of making this jacket become the most discussed bcs it takes 2 warring parties in it.
  6. we are BORED AND TIRED of studying. and we cant wait for college or anything but these!!

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