Thursday, 14 January 2010

i dont know why, but i hatepeopl who dramatically say that they love rain.
its just sounds so.. drama queen.

i mean, yeah besides rain is cold, what else is good ?????
it caused flood, diseases, so many insects come out, which means my messy room in danger.

errrr.... stop saying, i love raining. yes its fucking raining in your status.
thats make me sick. seriously.
no offense.


by the way, ade gw goblok bgt.
ada kelabang tb2 di dpn wc. lalu dgn nada sok tau dia blg..
"hati loh ma, dia (kelabang) itu berfragmentasi"
"apa tuh?" tny nyokap gw.
".." terdiam, "bentar aku liat buku dlu."


when i see this pic, it reminds me of myself. when i was in elementary , i would stop breathing when i hate something. i tried to kill myself by holding my breath. it was never working.

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