Saturday, 9 January 2010

its formspring timee!!

i know i rarely posted about my fs bcs i collect it until its enough to be posted , yeah it took a long time since my blog (and apparently me) is not a famous and great one.

Q. he is so cruel. he's there just when he needs me.
A. then forget him!! or.. do the same thing :P karma does exist.

Q. whats your favorite pixar movie?
A. hmm, toy story, up, monster inc.

Q. i hate the jonas brother
A. you're not alone. me too.


Q. Hows the high school life goin?
Mines not so fun. I play sports, dont go out much cause parents be trippen,and nooo boys to flirt with or talk to thats cute or not taken or not a jerk. The majority of my friends have boyfriends.. gurl they stay with boyfriends. Well me i dont. I dont wanna be the one out of all my friends to not have a prom date or go on that double or triple date with my friends. Im not saying i need a boy to make me happy but how can i make my high school life happy?

- haha sorry so long but Any advice?
A. mine isnt so much fun too. but it does good. there is so many things to make your life happy, you have friends, make friends as much as possible! then you'll get your high school life. i promise. just have fun! you dont have a boyfriend? dont take it seriously. you will.

Q. apa yang anda lakukan bila anda punya 10 milyar ?
A. apapun!

Q. kapan yaaaa saya lupain diaa? JAWAB MARGA!
A. when you realize and start to move on and NOT LOOKING BACK. and understand it as something that we called life. goes on. and on. and on. so you will!! if you want. (tuh kan aku jawaabbb)

Q. do you think love exist?
A. yes, if its not.. i wouldnt be here.

Q. I love to read ur blog.
U're so smart, creative!
Im proud of you.
keep on writing, I'll follow it then.
U're an indonesian girl,
but ur english is very well.
I heart that ;)
A. oh thank you :), tell me you're not someone i know please! haha

Q. have anything to say?
A. err.. something are better left unspoken.

Q. which one do you like the most? art / photography?
A. whats the different? ;) i love them.

Q. what inspire you the most?
A. mostly, teenage girls. a drama with a nice vulnerable packaging.

okay its enough for today, well thanks for asking or telling me something.

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