Friday, 26 February 2010

let me tell you, what magic is

do you believe in magic? well, i do. i do believe in magic.

for me, magic is not the way you make someone disappear or appear a bunny from your hat. but its way more complicated and beatiful than that.

for me, magic is the way you make something impossible to possibly happen.
so, according to me, these are magic :

  1. photography. why? simple. i never understand how come a little black box can capture things we see, and we can put it into a piece of paper. yeah, i love the idea of capturing itself. its amazing i guess. you see things, you capture it. 
  2. cooking. put so many horrible tasted things and become something delicious. its magic!
  3. mother. how come a woman pull out a baby through, i can say, not-so-big hole?! 
  4. brain. so many awesome things , start from our brain. every cells in our brain is precious. this thing that make everything could happen.
  5. the magic itself.
all the trick that you used to see in someone's birthday party or TV show, i called it monkey bussines!  artistically science!

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