Thursday, 18 February 2010

since this is my own blog

so, i am free to write anyhting i want right?
so now, i want to scream.

(no cursing.)

its just too much. i got chicken damn pox. like now.. why NOW????
when i have so many things to do?????
fck! (many cursing mode on)

then, like this freaking disease isnt enough, my beloved computer has infected by goddamn viruses. so this box has to be formatted. and it makes everything inside my comp is gone!

then, when i was so sick,with this grossy bumps on my whole body, i had to do my try out in my house with my teacher watching me. 3 tests in a day.

what else? i miss my friends, i miss doing things instead of laying helpless on my bed.
i cant swallow, those bumps filled up my mouth, my head, every inch of my body, my temperature is up and down. blabla3.

i feel isolated. i dont know what to do.
oh crap.

somebody saves me please

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