Sunday, 21 February 2010


haha i purposely didnt show my birthday on facebook to see how many people really know my birthday. i am too lazy to reply strange who say happy bday to me just bcs they know it from FB :P

well, even its not a great amount of number, thank ya guys!

today, i am officially 18. what a number! and i am still sick.
its ok, i dont really like birthday anyway.

ok. i wish.. this 18th year, i could be way more mature. i could control my ego more well. i could be better person (cliche yeah)

i wish.. i could be more tougher. cause world seems harder and harder nowadays.

i wish.. i could eat cheesecake, now!
i am sick and i am not allowed to eat many kinds of food :((

argh i only can eat bitter porridge or rice with soup. huh.

anywway, i really wish the best for my life.

(mm, what do i have to say next?)

mm, let me tell you a secret, get closer, 6 the most important person(s), the most i thought of person(s) in my life, forget my birthday. they didnt say anything to me like its usual day. yeah well maybe its just usual sunday to them.
it's okay.


it's not OKAY! :(
it is okay.


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