Wednesday, 24 March 2010

if you trying to figure me out,i'l give you a sneak peak.

i am an ignorant person. but somehow i can be such a mother teresa. seriously!!!

if i am currently in love with a song, i'll listen to that repeatedly. over and over until i got bored. and it takes several days.

i am unique but you have to dig it deeper to find out

i am not spoiled. seriously. its really not me. but i am a bit childish.

i hate hearing recording of my voices bcs i thought its so not mine and its so awkward. ita boyish though :|

i am 70% social butterfly, 30% anti social.

i am a true procrasinators.

i love writing, daydreaming, taking picts, drawing, eating, sleeping, styling (someone), blogging, chatting, swimming, and many others -ing

see? i am only human. nothing special? lets see.

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