Sunday, 25 April 2010

my prom was blasting.

i think i have such a obligation to write my fabulous prom last night in here.
"when the darkness turns to light, it ends tonight, it ends tonight"
-all american reject, it ends tonight
well, from the begining i didnt think it would be such a great great night because from the start it was totally boring. with all the speech and whatever.
all the girls and boys are prepared their best for MD's prom 2010.
and i am glad we all were so gorgeous last night.
some schedules are a bit failed tough, but the rest is alright.
we were all wild and some of us too wild haha but i guess its alright, i mean its our goddamn last night, what is the big deal with enjoying ours?

and i am glad that i am part of you all.
i think, i am gonna miss you all. last night was totally rock and, last night was definitely our last night being together.

when the photoslide is showed, my heart is a bit touched. i just thought, o my god, this is my last night being a student. being with you all. oh my god ive been past 3 great years with you all. so many things happened, so many tears and laugh within. omg omg. hahahahha overrated.
but yes, i was touched. :(
But I'm not gonna cry, no
Not one sad or happy tear
I've waited my whole life
Now I'm gonna fly right outta here
- Corey Smith - I'm not gonna cry
and my fingers are crossing for tomorrow.

PS : photos are coming soon.

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