Saturday, 3 April 2010

today, someone is officially 18th - KONGRATULASI

so i wanna say HAPPY 18TH to my beloved friend, Asmara Abigail.
i wish you.. err, i dont know- i guess you already have what you want and i guess you WILL get whatever you want with your passion and spirit ;)

so, i hope you will find your own McDreamy :P like you want as your present.

you know what, you (yes you Asbi!) had ruining our plan. huh!
you supposed to come to join us this morning so we can give you a small surprise with a small cake and big huge buuttt, you didnt come. booo! hahah well, we have to eat that cupcake ourselves. bcs if we wait until Monday the cake will be a bit.. uneatable.

well, well.. do you know? i really like her personality :)
she'is tough, full of surprise, freak yet funny, and lovable.
who will think she is a model also a horse rider with her packaging?
no, but she proved them she deserve and she can do it.

my best moment with her is when.. er, its a lot actually. but the best memorable moment is when we skip our school then went to Pegasus for 3 days. and also when we had a little trouble during my lomo competition hahahaha

but mostly, i enjoy my time with you. so i hope you wont forget us after graduating from this damn high school. i will miss you for sure and promise me you will be my model someday :P
or.. we'll rock the future together. even with our own way.

okayokay, it'll be so many things to say if i have to say it all, once again,


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