Thursday, 8 April 2010

when i become parents later, i have to remind this feeling. the way i feel now.
that i dont want to be told by anyone. i just want to be understood and let me learn by myself.

i have to be more patience to my kids, so i dont have to argue so many times.
i have to remind myself, that i was once her/him. and i was rebel too. and its okay.

i have to put a big faith on them.
because i know he/she is so tough and will be survive just like me.
i have to trust them.

i wont direct them, but accompany them.
i will tell my teenage story to them, so they will try to tell theirs.

i will not judge them. i will protect them by watching them secretly.
i will take them to so many place. i will show them worldwide.

i wont scold them, i will just not speaking to them for a while.

thats how my parents supposed to be!

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