Tuesday, 11 May 2010

funny feeling

seriously today i felt so many funny feelings.

its funny when you was waiting and sitting in your friend's living room in 6.30 am when everyone even houes's owner was still sleeping.

its funny when you are lost but you didnt feel any worry at all and you kept laughing in the crowded street with your besties.

its funny when you were sitting in the train looking at the window, saw everything was moving rapidly horizontal. and you tried to catch a certain view.
its really funny especially to see another lorry was moving roughly like they would drift away from your lorry.

its funny when you walked about 1 Km with your besties in the middle of day which sun is shining so bright.

its funny when you found a cute boy in the middle of your lost, and you realize, he is too.. young for you, or you just already grown up.

its funny when you pretend that you didnt lost at all so people dont misunderstood your awkwardness.

its funny, running through the rain. and everyone is so messed when they were wet!

its funny, saw so many kind of people and you started questioning what are their job? is it something that i dont imagine at all? is it something interesting or just soso?

its funny, when you realized that time is running so fast. and you feel like you are missing a piece of your memories, one by one, bcs its all fading in the end. and you're gonna miss them so much one day. and you would think, damn, what the hell have i done this far? or not..

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