Saturday, 19 June 2010


xml page:
  1. download the layout you want. 
  2. unsure you extract file you downloaded. (right click, extract files..)
  3. you go to your dashboard, then click design, edit HTML
  4. browse file that you just extracted, then upload.
  5. save templates.
  6. basically, tahts it. but if you want to change the page, or widgets or font in your new layout, go to page elements.
html page:
  1. download the layout you want. 
  2. no, you dont have to extract like .xml one, you just have to open it.
  3. copy the code (you dont have to be worry with all that codes)
  4. go to edit html, then click "revert to classic templates"
  5. empty the box you meet after that. yes that big box with so many unknown codes inside.
  6. then, paste it there.
  7. basically, tahts it for HTML. but if you want to change font, text or anything from your new layout, its a bit different from xml one. you cant go to page elements to change it.
  8. you have to change it yourself from those codes. yes. i hope you can it yourself.
so thats all i can help. find me if you have any trouble :)

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