Thursday, 24 June 2010

let me introduce you, Usui.

i never like anime character. but him. why? bcs he looks like what i am looking for from my dream-boy. (except L hehe)
his name is Usui, he's from Kaichou wa Maid Sama manga.

why him? whats good from him? what makes me so fall in love with him? he's appearance? NOOOOO.

he's so charming. he can do like everything. he has a mysteriously stare. he likes Misa (lead character) but he doesnt show it. he just be there everytime Misa needs. and thats what matter most.  he can be funny and mysterious at one time. he's humble. he's caring. i dont know how to make you sure about him, but you have to watch/read this manga. so you can know what i mean. and i dont think someone like him is exist.

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