Wednesday, 21 July 2010

POOR US. but i quite enjoyed it :)

just watched Inception and yes it was totally mindfucked hahaha it was so so cool. good job, Nolan!! and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so.. sexy there :P

then, i was planning to have photoshoot at supermarket secretly, and the concept was being rebel. but unfortunately, we semeed being too rebel until securities following us and forbidden us to take a picture inside supermarket, without permission. and she insisted us to delete all the photo i took. YOU WISH! HA!
ZONK! she ruined it all!!
after being kicked out, we were going to chill ourselves out there, and oops, rain was falling.

as our money spent, we seemingly had no enough money for going home. we were like, so pointless. what should we do to go home and TRING! (after joking around instead worrying our situation)
i came up with a great idea! and finally, Vina's brother approved to drive us home. i was like, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU WERE OUR SAVIOR (TODAY)!! bcs yes, we had no enough money to pay taxi and we had idea how to go home.

ps : did i tell you inception was so worth to watch? that it was so genius? oh yes. IT IS!

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