Saturday, 31 July 2010

punk never dies, right?

klo dotanya mau foto berkonsep apa? gue mau foto  sekelompok anak2 punk yang suka nongkrong di pinggir jalan daerah rumah gue. i think they are.. sort of freak but in a cool way. they are brave to stand out. even for some people they are scarry with all those studded things, red headed and boots and so on.

but i love to capture them! someday somehow, i dont want my friends pretend to be them, i want them for real. bcs the aura and style would be different. and i's love to ask some questions like where they got their stuffs, where usually they hand out, what they do in that community why do you love punk, what about your parents reaction, did you even go to school bcs all i see they just hang around all day.

ahh.. but someday okay? you wont go anywhere right?  bcs punk never dies \m/
and idk why, i believe they arent as scary as it seems.

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