Saturday, 24 July 2010

so long, goodbye!

actually, how annoying they are, there are parts of me that will be missing them so much. they are part of me since i can breath. what can i say
my grandma went back today. i supposed to take her home with my family but for some reasons i didnt.
first she came to stay, i was like, ughh!
i have to set my AC to 30 degrees. IMAGINE THAT!!
i am not allowed to go everyday and come home before dark
she always asked me things that unimportant
she always criticizes the way i eat, sleep, put my stuff, even my hair.
and so on.
then somehow, as the time goes by, even i know she is sooo annoying and bossy, i cant deny that i will miss her. i mean, she's my grandma for god sake.

and i guess, behind all her annoying things, its just because she's so alone inside.
the older you are, more childish you'll act.

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