Wednesday, 8 September 2010

everybody knows nobody really knows.

i've heard so many versions of heaven and hell from people who have experienced it and came back alive to tell us the story.
why are different each versions?

no, not because they probably lie, but, i think, heaven and hell have really different version to each person.
may be for me, hell could be so much fire and so on. may be for you, it could be only white empty room.

its not about the place, but its about our perspective.
we cant make one certain point, that heaven is a big kingdom with all its luxury.
heaven is a place where we feel no more sorrow, tears, hurt and pain. we are free.
that's heaven for me. we are eternal there. however the place would be. i dont care.
perhaps, i can feel my heaven now just to be with my family.

hell? some people said it's a place where there are so much fire 'baking' you.
me? we're living hell now. weather getting so hot. earth is damaged. people kill people, not only animal now. life is unfair.
what is the different? could it be worse?

so, make your own mind set from now. dont be afraid of heaven and hell.
be afraid of what you have done.
heaven and hell are only labels.

no, noo. i dont say its not exist. it is exist. it is just the form that we have to deal with sooner or later.
i have my own heaven. you have your own heaven. so do people. that simple.

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