Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sanctuary ;
a small safe place, in a troubling world.

where's yours? or what exactly yours?

mine is, when i am home. even i have no big castle in the middle of glamorous town, even my home isnt made from chocolate and candy bars, even my home is in a outskirt town. i do feel safe here.
especially, when i put my headset on, and my mind's traveling to everything i had through. or even i will through.

when i wrapped my hands around him. in the middle of journey to go to my granddad's cemetry. 
when i am with my friends, laughing like no one's watching. talking about unnecessary things. being goofy around. laughing until my six pact like coming out!

when it's only me, books, and bed.
when it's only me, memorable songs, and you.
when it's only me, and the stars.

when will i go to my sanctuary again? when will you join me?

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