Saturday, 9 October 2010

you will only hurt and be hurt by protecting too tight.

what i learned today ;

parents, lovers, people, have something (or someone) they love so much. i mean too much. and the more they love, the more they protecting that thing from anything that possibly hurt them.
but, just like a sand, the more you squeeze them, they will run out through your fingers. like a bird, the more you hold them tight, the more they trying to fly away from you.
so, please, give us space to breathe.

today (i mean just now), to be honest, i just had a fight with my dad. its been 3982917231937 times i fought with him, tbh.
and everytime we fight, we hurt each other.
i tried, i tried to avoid fighting. but dad, cant you just gimme a trust and support? can you not underestimating me?

i feel so crap for having no one to talk and end up talking here. to all of you.

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