Tuesday, 21 December 2010

so tell me how awesome your mother is.

i'll give reasons why my mom is awesomeee :
  1. she's tough as hell. i mean it. dealing with this cold stubborn girl (read me) for the rest of her entire life since 1992. oh please, even santa could go kill himself.
  2. whose mother who climb the tree and catch the dead rat inside dirty attic? my mom. whose mother who could be so creative by fried cauliflower so it looks like chicken (and i'm punk'd) ? my mom. whose mom who could make the greatest cake and dress in the same time. not my mom but well, she can do that separately.
  3. she's been left by her father since she was at high junior school. and she had to take care of her 6 sisters and 2 brothers since she's the oldest. standing applause. i cant even.
  4. she is smart i dont understand why her brain isnt coming down genetically to me. i heard from my aunt, she's always being in the first rank when she was a student. and yes, she's (mom) been talking about that since i was kid too. 
  5. she works for 24/7. and not being paid. yet. (well i plan to pay her with fly her to somewhere in Europe with her husband. someday)
  6. well, who doesnt adore her mom so much? being a mom is already a super thing. plus she didnt left me. she loves me however bad i ever treated her. how loud i ever yelled at her. how hard ive been. and how many fighting we've been through. she didnt left me. she born me. she made me, me. being mom is big deal. and i do love her even i cant show it yet.
  7. i can make this list until 100 but, i dont have too. i know every mom is awesome in the end. whatever she's been through and done. and every child has their own superhero to pick. their own mom.
"if she(or he or even them) can do it, then you too. you both eat the same rise. unless she eats rocks." - the greatest mom, ever.

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