Sunday, 16 January 2011

and where the only place to speak is blog.

the worst feeling is when you disapoint people around you, i hate the part when i need to cry it out but i cant. where i need someone to tell all my fucking feelings and thought but i cant.
where i feel so unsafe and haunted by my past and future in the same time. where i cant choose where to step into. where i need my dreams to be true.

where everything is collapsing and i am the one who realising.
where fuck isnt enough at all where you cant promise anything to anyone bcs you dont know how much you got to give it away.

when was the last time you want something so bad? i am glad that i had ever want something (in my case, osmeone) so bad and i got him, at least almost.
and i was like thinking why the hell did i do until i got there? and  whatever did i do until i almost got there, i want to do it again! and make it perfect. yes i am slightly perfectionist.


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